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The Turn Golf Club

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our golf coaching philosophy is unique to most places you will find because we understand that golf is not just about swing technique, but also about the mobility and strength of your unique body. Our team consists of Dr. Eli Rogers, PT, DPT, who focuses on corrective exercises and performance enhancement (specifically improving swing efficiency and power), and PGA Professional Matt Stafford, who provides golf technique training and club fitting. We believe that every golfer is different and therefore requires an individualized approach to improve their game.

Please review both coaches profiles below to understand which coach you'd like to work with and then complete our application below. We look forward to helping you play the best golf of your life!

Ready to work with a Coach?

Complete our Coaching Application and we will connect you with a Coach.

Dr. Eli Rogers, PT, DPT, OCS

Eli is an accomplished golfer & Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is Titleist Performance Institute Power & Medical LVL 2 Certified, played collegiate golf at Utah State and continues to play high level competitive golf. Eli specializes in Golf related impingements & helping maximize your body's potential for golf.  Very few people hit the ball as far as Eli. Check out his instagram page @thestrengthcaddie

Eli offers an initial 90 min assessment for $200 ($150 for members of The Turn). After this assessment Eli will tailor a program based on your individual needs.

Matt Stafford, PGA Professional

Matt attended the University of Washington and spent a majority of his career working in Montana and traveling across the country supporting clients and PGA tour players. Matt has been a local PGA member since 2021 and a Master teacher (TGM level II) and club-fitter since 2010. He also holds a variety of certifications in biomechanics and optics.

Matt believes that a client’s progress comes from truly understanding how to properly attack a golf course, having equipment that fits them, and understanding their own unique golf move.

Matt tees it up regularly in local and regional PGA events and stays very active in the local and national golf scene. 

When he is not grinding on the physics of the golf swing, Matt enjoys traveling, dogs, and boating.

Matt Stafford.jpeg

Matt's Teaching Packages

60 Min Session
Turn Members: $75
5 Sessions
Turn Members: $300
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