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Golf Longevity and Speed Training Clinic with Eli Rogers PT, DPT

Eli is an accomplished golfer & Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is Titleist Performance Institute Power & Medical LVL 2 Certified, played collegiate golf at Utah State and on the professional circuit. Eli specializes in golf related impingements & helping maximize your body's potential for golf. 

The clinic will consist of the following.

  • Group instruction on:

    • Common golf injuries and prevention

    • Ways to improve swing speed and efficiency

  • Individual swing assessment for potential limitations holding you back

  • Friendly competitions 

Check out Eli on Instagram to see some of the amazing things he's done with some of his clients - @TheStrengthCaddie

No upcoming events at the moment

The strength caddie program was amazing. Eli is a great coach and his expertise in physical therapy as well as the golf swing is a perfect combination to help people swing better and faster. I was blown away by his professionalism, his availability when I had questions, and his attention to my specific

circumstances. After just four weeks I saw a 5 mph jump in my ball speed and by the end of the 12-week training period, I was consistently hitting driver ball speeds over 190. If you want to take your fitness and your golf game to the next level, the Strength Caddie Program is the one for you.

After working with Eli I saw improvements to both my gamer club speed (+5mph) and my top end swing speed (+6mph) in just a matter of a few weeks.

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